Elisa Miro
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Elisa Miro has led a colorful life encompassing a wide range of life experiences, playing electric and acoustic violin or fiddle in many professional venues before and after arriving in New York City in the mid-80's. She retired as a member of New York City's Local 802, AFL-CIO, Associated Musicians of Greater New York, to move to the NY countryside in late 1990. She hails most recently from upstate New York, where she led another life as co-owner of Indigo Stables, a public horse riding ranch catering to the tourists and residents of Sullivan County, NY. She also rode to foxhounds as whipper-in to the Huntsman of Windy Hollow Hunt. Elisa has a wonderful son living in New York City. Upon leaving the farm winters in 2004 and arriving in Florida, she has returned to almost full-time playing, thanks to meeting many wonderful musicians here in SW Florida. Having been pushed onto piano and violin as a child by her mother, her original musical training was classical music. Elisa's appreciation and love of various styles has broadened out over the years, some of which can be detected in her own playing style.